Here is the forth of six best of 2018 mixes - Rump Shakin'!

This is a super fun mix full of anthemic, uplifting, pumped up tribal house. It's a proper representation of the Circuit sound, whilst keeping it smooth and melodic and the drums not too hectic.


Track Listing

  1. Chris Jeday - Ahora Dice (Sagi Kariv Remix) [FD]
  2. BeatAllFusion - Going Out Tonight (Edson Pride & Erick Fabbri Remix) [EPride Music]
  3. Dave Aude feat. King Brown - Perfect To Me (Mauro Mozart Remix) [Audacious Records]
  4. Sagi Kariv feat. Karina Kay - Dreaming Material [Queen House Music]
  5. Edson Pride - Spin Me Round (Bruno Knauer Disco Mix) [EPride Music]
  6. Micky Friedmann - You Break My Heart Again [Queen House Music]
  7. Alfie Arcuri - Love Is Love (Dan Slater Remix) [Universal Music]
  8. Sagi Kariv & Mor Avrahami feat. Hayla Assulin - Touch Me [Mor Avrahami]
  9. Nik Denton & William Sizen Bell - Is You [ToolBox House]
  10. GSP - Trumpet Bitch (Elad Navon & Niv Aroya Remix) [Queen House Music]
  11. Mor Avrahami - Kumei [Sirup Records]
  12. Taylor Swift - Look What You Make Me Do (Carlos Martinez Dirty Remix) [FD]
  13. Juanjo Martin feat. Rebeka Brown - Millenium (Melodika Tribute Mix 2018) [FD]
  14. Nacho Chapado feat. Alline Jackson - What Am I Supposed To Do (Juanjo Martin Remix) [Guareber]
  15. Steven Redant & Joe Gauthreaux - Together & Always (Sagi Kariv Remix) [Swishcraft Music]
  16. Black Flamingo & Vanesa LeKlein - Beautiful [Guareber]
  17. Carlos Gallardo & Zara Markho - Colombia (Tom Sihar & Binomio Remix) [Guareber]
  18. Mor Avrahami & Yinon Yahel - Naya [Yinon Yahel]
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