Here is my latest Rump Shakin' mix - a full-throttle mix of hi-NRG, anthemic big room tribal house.

The mix charges out of the blocks and doesn't let up. Expect moments of high drama, show tunes and Taylor Swift set to pumping house.

Most of the second half is an Israeli take-over. There is some awesome music coming out of that country - euphoric, melodic, crystal-clear productions.


Track Listing

  1. BeatAllFusion - Going Out Tonight (Edson Pride & Erick Fabbri Remix) [EPride Music]
  2. SubWei - I Want Your Soul (Dub Mix) [EPride Music]
  3. Chris Jeday - Ahora Dice (Sagi Kariv Remix) [FD]
  4. Rafael Dutra & Fabio Slurpie - Horus [EPride Music]
  5. J.Louis & Ferran & Tikaro feat. Rebeka Brown - Real Things (Carlos Martinez & Uriel Ramirez Remix) [Matinee Music]
  6. Luis Alvarado - The Master [Bearlin Records]
  7. Esteban Lopez & Pedro Pons feat. Alicia Nilsson - Left Outside Alone (Junior Senna Remix) [Guareber]
  8. Taylor Swift - Look What You Make Me Do (Carlos Martinez Remix) [FD]
  9. Joe Gathreaux - This Is Me [FD]
  10. Taito Tikaro feat. Estela Martin - Something About You [Matinee Music]
  11. Isaac Lozano - Paradise [Matinee Music]
  12. Sagi Kariv & Mor Avrahami feat. Hayla Assulin - Touch Me [Mor Avrahami]
  13. Micky Friedmann feat. Hila Ben Saadon - Eshebo (Sagi Kariv Remix) [Queen House]
  14. Mor Avrahami - Kumei [Sirup Records]
  15. Tommer Mizrahi - We Are All Connected [Queen House]
  16. Offer Nissim feat. Maya Simantov - Rainbow [Offer Nissim]
  17. Tommer Mizrahi - Welcome To My World [Queen House]
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