Here is my latest Rump Shakin' - turbo charged, uplifting tribal house.

It's a full-on, high energy mix right from the start, with loads of great vocals. These productions remind of the old Heaven/Wayne G style house and I love it!


Track Listing

  1. Cassius feat. Steve Edwards - The Sound Of Violence (James Anthony Late Night Mix) [FD]
  2. Edson Pride - Spin Me Round (Bruno Knauer Disco Mix) [EPride Music]
  3. Alfie Arcuri - Love Is Love (Dan Slater Remix) [Universal Music]
  4. Sagi Kariv feat. Hayla Assulin - Lovesong [Queen House]
  5. Rob Harris & Sr. Edu - It's Over (Black Flamingo Remix) [Queen House]
  6. Tony Moran feat. Kimberley Davis - Good For Me (Mauro Mozart Superdub) [Mr. Tanman]
  7. Dave Aude feat. King Brown - Perfect To Me (Mauro Mozart Remix) [Audacious Records]
  8. Sophie Simmons - Black Mirror (Alex Acosta Remix) [Sophie Simmons]
  9. Ultravice - Life Is Everlasting [Queen House]
  10. Isaac Escalante & Erick Ibiza - Run [Queen House]
  11. Nik Denton & William Sizen Bell - Is You [ToolBox House]
  12. Steven Redant & Joe Gauthreaux - Together & Always (Sagi Kariv Remix) [Swishcraft Music]
  13. Sagi Kariv feat. Q - Believe Me [Rebeat]
  14. Filipe Guerra feat. Cherry - Blow My Mind [Guareber]
  15. Nacho Chapado & Mauro Mozart - The Stars [Guareber]
  16. Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Tomer Mizrahi Remix) [FD]
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