I'm very happy with how this one turned out, it's smooth, sexy and funky all the way through. Pretty much every track has a gorgeous female vocal.

The mix opens with a couple of productions from the genius Greeks Pete Bellis & Tommy. They are two of my favourite producers at the moment and I've included four Pete Bellis tracks in this mix. Check out the cheeky Cardigans sample on "Love Me Fool Me".

A stand-out is the killer future house bassline on Ben Delay's "Out Of My Life" which has a fantastic vocal from German singer Alexendra Prince. The core of the mix is a sensational track from Mr. DJ Monj and A-Mase, "Only One". This has bags of energy and a synth line that recalls Faithless tracks like "Insomnia" or "Salva Mea". Why don't more people use that synth sound? It is one of the best ever! The Russian A-Mase has also done a rather nice remix of one of the greatest eurotrance vocal tracks ever - Sash! - Mysterious Times.

I'm put a couple of remixes from another fine Russian producer, Sharapov, in the mix. Both tracks have excellent vocals, in particular the choral vocal hook of "Headstrong". The mix closes with a typically smooth track from another excellent Russian producer, Anton Ishutin. This mix has more Russian influence than the current US government (allegedly - don't sue me Donald)!


Track Listing

  1. Jaytor & DanielSK feat. Rene Gold - Far Away Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix) [Maniana Records]
  2. GeoM - Love Me Fool Me (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix) [Deepwibe]
  3. Mike Drozdov & VetLove deat. Natune - Fall In Love [Nicksher Music]
  4. Juloboy - Pictures (Ian Tosel Remix) [Dear Deer Mafia]
  5. Pete Bellis & Tommy - Do What You Want [Maniana Records]
  6. Vicent Ballester & Dmitri Saidi feat. Vessy Boneva - World Comes Over You (Juloboy Remix) [Wild Essence]
  7. Ben Delay feat. Alexandra Prince - Out Of My Life [Enormous Tunes]
  8. Andrey Exx & Sharapov - Along With You [Which Bottle?]
  9. A-Mase & Mr. DJ Monj feat. Julia Turano - Only One [Deep Strips]
  10. Sash! feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times (A-Maze Remix) [FD]
  11. Elektra & Paul Weekend feat. Natune - Krepche (Maxim Andreev Remix) [Crumpled Music]
  12. Elis M. Feeling feat. Diva Vocal - Inside Your Soul (Sharapov Remix) [Club Session]
  13. Gabriel Montufar feat. Antonella Ponce - Headstrong (Sharapov Remix) [Deep Strips]
  14. Svet & Morelly - Take That (Juloboy Remix) [Extra Sound Recordings]
  15. Maxim Andreev - Go Away (Nikko Culture Remix) [Deep Strips]
  16. Inward Universe - Residue Lives (Pete Bellis Remix) [Nicksher Music]
  17. Anton Ishutin feat. Ange - Let You Go [Deep Strips]


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