Turbo charged tribal house.

Track Listing

  1. Laurent Pautrat feat. Damaye Cisse - Inside [Guareber]
  2. Jose Spinnin Cortes - Devil's Martini [Bearlin Records]
  3. Juanjo Martin & T. Tommy feat. Lara Taylor - Turn The Tide [Guareber]
  4. Eliot feat. Kelly Kaitsi - Let The Music Play [Queen House]
  5. Rosabel feat. Terri B! - Anthem Of House (Ralphi Rosario Remix) [Carillo Music LLC]
  6. Subwei - Feelin' It [EPride Music]
  7. Ozkar Lugarel & Melodika feat. Gregorgus Geez - Insomnia (Subwei Midnight Remix) [EPride Music]
  8. DJ Suri & Chris Daniel feat. Soroya Naoyin - Desire (Mauro Mozart Remix) [Guareber]
  9. Jose Spinnin Cortes - Manhattan God [Bearlin Records]
  10. Ralph Oliver feat. Nina Flowers - Dreams (Melodika Remix) [EPride Music]
  11. Sharon O'Love - Bongo Song (Melodika Remix) [Queen House]
  12. Tony Moran feat. Deborah Cooper - Live You All Over (Edson Pride Remix) [Mr. Tanman Music]
  13. Estaban Lopez - Carte Blanche [Guareber]
  14. Flavio Lima - Love & Devotion [EPride Music]
  15. Offer Nissam feat. Deborah Cox - My Air [Offer Nissam]
  16. Juanjo Martin - In Trance [Guareber]
  17. Danny Verde & Phil Romano feat. Anna Buckley - See The Light [Guareber]
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