Here is a mix of uplifting, chunky prog that harks back to it's glory years. No EDM here!

The mix opens with a superb male vocal track from Giorgio Phoenix that sets the tone with it's moody vibes. It gets melodic and uplifting pretty soon, before a gorgeous Orkidea production (Epicentre) acts as a breather. The vocal sample here is to die for. I've put three of the fabulous Finn's tracks in this mix - he is an exceptional producer.

The core of the mix is the Grum show. This Glaswegian is one of the best and most consistent progressive producers around. I rarely hear a track from him I don't like.

The mix starts to take off with my favourite Orkidea production here - Finnish Kiss. The mix into "Always" is possibly the biggest moment in the mix. And what a tune Redanka's remix of "Mine & Yours" is. Proper old school chugging vocal prog with a delicious twist of strings at the end.

The mix comes to a close with two of the most melodic tracks in there. Chicane channels Pryda on "How Does Your House Work" which has a very catchy vocal sample. Oliver Smith's "Gemini" has a melody so beautiful it brings me to tears just thinking about it. The mix closes with an epic slab of break-beat trance from Solarstone's last album"----" (yes that is it's title).

Track Listing

  1. Giorgio Phoenix - Hypnagogia [Bonzai Progressive]
  2. Fatima Yamaha - Araya [Dekmantel]
  3. Blood Groove & Kikis - PROGmatism [Silk Music]
  4. Ballroom - Passenger (Relaunch Remix) [Lost Language]
  5. Orkidea - Epicentre [Pure Progressive]
  6. Grum & Kevin McKay - Dark Train [Glasgow Underground]
  7. Grum - Reflections [Glasgow Underground]
  8. Grum - Price Of Love [Anjunabeats]
  9. Grum - Shining [Anjunabeats]
  10. Orkidea - Finnish Kiss [Digital Emotions]
  11. Shingo Nakamura - Always (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [Silk Music]
  12. Glenn Morrison feat. Elise - Mine & Yours (Redanka Remix) [Ambient Wave Records]
  13. Orkidea - Xciter [Pure Progressive]
  14. Chicane & Barbarella - How Does Your House Work (Danny Dove Remix) [Modena]
  15. Oliver Smith - Gemini [Anjunabeats]
  16. Solarstone - Cafune [Black Hole Recordings]
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