Here is my latest nu disco mix and it's one of the best in a while! It has a big shortlist to choose from so only the finest made the cut.

The feel I wanted to capture in the mix is the start of summer. BBQs, terraces, beaches and so on. The opening track is a high quality remix from Hot Toddy, who is part of the amazing Crazy P. From there the funky vibe continues with the fabulous Frenchman Mark Lower.

Escadia's "Hearth To Heart" has a brilliant elastic bassline, I can't get enough of it. The middle part of the mix gets nice and funky, with a surprising remix of S Club 7. Yes really (although this also had a nice Trisco remix back in the day)!

Later on, there's a nice tribute to the late Robert Miles. A lovely story behind this track too - he made it to calm Italian clubbers down at the end of the night as a lot were driving home too excited and crashing their cars. Approaching the end there is a most unexpected dropping of the most famous riff in dance. You'll know it. Finally, the mix is rounded off by a track "To The Beach". This throws in everything a beach house track needs - saxophone, sexy voice lady whispering the title, guitar, seagulls... it even ends with the sounds of waves.


Track Listing

  1. Soul Clap feat. Nona Hendryx - Shine (This Is It) (Hot Toddy Marimba Message Vocal Mix) [Classic Music]
  2. Mark Lower feat. Scarlett Quinn - I'm Alright [Spirit Soul]
  3. Olej & Tali Muss - I Wanna Touch Her [Crumpled Music]
  4. Escadia - Hearth To Heart [Crumpled Music]
  5. Lup Ino - Paradise [Deep Strips]
  6. Anton Ishutin - Kick It [Crumpled Music]
  7. Sharapov - Love You (Ian Tosel & Arthur M Remix) [Lovestyle]
  8. Dave202 feat. Gino G - Like An Animal (Andrey Exx Remix) [Sirup Music]
  9. Deepjack & Altaci - Funky Beat [WaterTones]
  10. Nick Motion - Rhythm Dancer [FD]
  11. Mr.Nu & Madsound - MIA (Sharapov Remix) [Attractive Music]
  12. Robert Miles - Children (Natema Remake) [FD]
  13. V-Sag feat. Alexandra McKay - Feather (Nick Motion Remix) [FD]
  14. Mr. DJ Monj & Maxim Andreev feat. Julia Turano - Feel The Music (Nikko Culture Remix) [Deep Strips]
  15. Nikko Culture - Are You Remember [LoveStyle Records]
  16. Sean Sago - To The Beach [Deep Strips]
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