The first of my best of mixes for 2016 - nu disco.

This was a tough list to compile. There were so many great tunes released this year, this could have been at least three hours long! The end result is a quite epic two hour mix.

It has three distinct parts. The first section is deeper, more melancholic and quite beautiful. The middle is "space disco" with some great trancy moments. Then the final part is more clubby with some of the big moments from the year.

It's bookended by tunes from my producer of the year - Deepjack. In fact the opening track "Make Me Cry" could be my tune of the year.

"New Times" by Geonis represents the best moment of the sax obsession that gripped many producers around the middle of the year. Just fantastic. Oh and the most classic sax dance track of all time is in there too.

Brilliant takes on trance producers like Armin, Richard Durand and erm... Gigi D'Agostino pop up around the middle. No Hopes works his magic on two of the biggest tracks on the year and I had to include the Imany remix as it reminds me of driving through Majorca.

To be honest there are just too many amazing tracks to go into detail, I'll be here all day! Just listen and as always, enjoy!


Track Listing

  1. Deepjack feat. Kinspin - Make Me Cry [Pepper Cat]
  2. Deeplowdog feat. Ryan Konline - Been A While (Deepjack Remix) [Lovestyle Records]
  3. Andrew Rai & Boris Roodbwoy feat. Casey - First Day [Sakura Music]
  4. Digital DNK & Deep Sound Effect feat. Lenie - Say Goodbye (Wallie Remix) [LoveStyle Records]
  5. Sir Felix feat. Jaren - You Feel Like Home [Dirty Soul Music]
  6. Mr. Nu & Deeperise - Make It Better [Palace Beach]
  7. Wallmers & Geonis - Together [LoveStyle Records]
  8. Geonis - New Times [FD]
  9. Love Vibes feat. Valentina - Show Me (Deepjack & Altaci Remix) [Deep Strips]
  10. Mark Lower feat. Alexandra Prince - Always On My Mind [No Defintion]
  11. Inner Rebels - Illusion (Juloboy Remix) [Coolture Sound]
  12. Armin van Buuren - In And Out Of Love (Ian Tosel & Arthur M Remix) [FD]
  13. Wallmers & Tali Muss - Vibrations [Dbeatzion Records]
  14. Nayio Bitz - Stop! (Yura Remix) [Media Blackout]
  15. Roelbeat feat. Ellie Lawson - Wide Awake [FD]
  16. Gigi D'Agostino - Another Way (D'Carli & Hi-Cut Remix) [FD[
  17. Andrey Keyton feat. Irina G - Everlasting Pictures [Heavenly Bodies]
  18. Stan Kolev feat. Vessy - You Take My Breath Away [No Smoking]
  19. Medsound feat. Dana Jean Phoenix - Moving Right (Alex Hook Remix) [Media Blackout]
  20. Diggo & Dizza feat. Max Vertigo - I Can't Stop (Sharapov Remix) [LoveStyle Records]
  21. Imany - Don't Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix) Ministry of Sound]
  22. Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive (No Hopes & DJ Max Freeze Remix) [FD]
  23. Cooking On 3 Burners - This Girl (No Hopes & DJ Max Freeze Remix) [FD]
  24. Woo2tech & Sensekraft - I Want You [No Definition]
  25. Daniel Cross feat. Miya - Killing Me (Toniia Remix) [Lovestyle Records]
  26. Andrey Exx - The Man With The Red Face (Ben Delay Remix) [Attractive Music]
  27. Deepjack & Andrey Keyton feat. Irina Gi - Give It Back [Dear Deer Mafia]
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