Here is the latest in the (very) occasional Rump Shakin' series. The idea behind these mixes is to be on the more pumping side of house. They can be a bit camp but it is peak Pride season and I like to let the gay man inside of me out sometimes (phrasing).

The first half is driving house and tech, including a new remix of one of my favourite electro house tracks "The Drill", then it goes full-on Circuit tribal house. I took several tracks from the latest Matinee Summer Compilation which inspired this mix. It's pretty intense, but if you make it through to the other side I reward you with a gorgeous Balearic-tinged end to the mix.

Track Listing

  1. Coqui Selection & Andre Vicenzzo - My Feelings [Matinee Music]
  2. Sandy Rivera & David Penn feat. LZ Hall - Listen Again [Deep Visionz]
  3. Gorgon City & Vaults - All Four Walls (Terrace Dub) [Virgin EMI]
  4. Alex Kosoglaz & John Joshua - Out of Time (Hoxton Whores Dub) [Double Sound Records]
  5. The Cube Guys, Etienne Ozborne & Nic&Peter - In My Soul [Cube Recordings]
  6. Tommy Vee & Mauro Ferrucci - Body Rock (Cube Guys Remix) [Cube Recordings]
  7. Cid - No! [Musical Freedom]
  8. Angel Herida - Mitjana [Matinee Music]
  9. Walter Gardini - La Playa, La Chica [A-Gain Records]
  10. Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer & T. Tommy - Work Your Body (Ivan Key Remix) [Electroscene]
  11. The Drill - The Drill (2015 Remix) [Destined Records]
  12. Edson Pride & E-Thunder - That Sound [E Pride Music]
  13. Isaac Lozano - Killing Me (Edson Pride Remix) [Matinee Music]
  14. Guy Scheiman - The Club (Oscar Velazquez & Edson Pride Remix) [Guy Scheiman Music]
  15. Taito Tikaro feat. Estela Martin - Funky Love [Matinee Music]
  16. Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids (Offer Nissim Drama Mix) [x2]
  17. Kim Sanz & Toni Querol - Set Me Free [Ecologico]
  18. Coqui Selection & Andre Vicenzzo - Fallen [Matinee Music]
  19. Andre Vicenzzo - Don't Be Afraid (Raul & Dominic Plaza Remix) [Matinee Music]
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