It's a sumptuous deep dive into some of the most atmospheric house around. It takes you, if I may use a cliche, on a journey.

Lots of familiar Technix names here, from Hot Since 82 to Betoko (glad he is back on form), Claptone to Giom. Autograf supply an amazing orchestral intro with their remix of Faithless' classic "Drifting Away". That melody brings back memories of Trigger Happy TV and chillout albums with clunky names like "The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes Breakdown".

The brutal, brilliant Brazilians Fancy Inc have caught my ear this year. Two of their punishing productions give a solid core to the mix. After that I ease off giving the second half of the mix a more melodic, almost Balearic feel. A wonderful, string laden track from a rejuvenated Mauro Picotto epitomises this. Also, what an awesome nine minutes of epic funk from cross-Atlantic duo Benoit & Sergio "House With 500 Rooms".

As the mix draws to a close, more sythesised instruments come out to play, with pianos in full force from Bicep. I just love their productions, they always have a special feel to them. Their remix of Dyone gives an unexpected old school rave moment just as the mix sounds like it was over.


Track Listing

  1. Faithless - Drifting Away 2.0 (Autograf Remix) [Cheeky Records]
  2. Faithless feat. Harry Collier - Bombs 2.0 (Claptone Remix) [Cheeky Records]
  3. Betoko - Blisters [Hedonism Music]
  4. Third Son - Prequel [FD]
  5. Patrick Podage feat. Meergandlied - Rolling Stone [Endless Music]
  6. Betoko - Dirt [Bunny Tiger Dubs]
  7. Giom - Kalimba Song [Supremus Records]
  8. Hot Since 82 - Damage [Truesoul]
  9. Fancy Inc - Pure [Go Deeva!]
  10. Fancy Inc - Root Down [Go Deeva!]
  11. Mauro Picotto - Lifeblood [Alchemy]
  12. Audiowhores - All I Wanna Do [Deeproom Trax]
  13. Benoit & Sergio - House With 500 Rooms [Leftroom Limited]
  14. N'to - Fading Stars [Subjekt Recordings]
  15. Bicep & Hammer - Dahlia [Feel My Bicep]
  16. Dyone - Only Love Can Set U Free (Bicep Remix) [First Choice]
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